We love magic tricks and science experiments as they look like a miracle but you can make them by your hands at home. We know how to entertain yourself in the evening is too boring – create a magic show to entertain your family and friends. Moreover, all the experiments we share doesn’t require special skills or expensive tools. This time we prepared amazing experiments with eggs. Yes, they are cool!
Create a hurricane effect in a small aquarium. Fill the aquarium with water and place inside raw egg. Check out the tutorial. Another cool idea is to replace the light bulb with eggshell.
We know how to understand if an egg is raw or not. Place an egg on a flat surface and spin an egg Boiled egg will spin quickly unlike raw egg. I love the next experiment because it looks like pure magic but is not. You can fry eggs without fire. Yes, it’s true! Crack an egg into a bowl and pour in 96% alcohol. Wait for 30 minutes and enjoy the magic.
The next recipe is a bouncy egg. Take a glass of vinegar and place a marker core piece inside. Carefully place an egg into a glass. Leave the egg in the glass for 1 day. When the egg has started to become translucent, take it out of the glass. Your bouncy egg is ready. Check if it’s jumping.
If you are hungry after watching all these incredible experiments you should try our recipes with incredibly delicious eggs.

Share these experiments with your friends and have fun together!

00:09 Experiments with eggs
00:47 Creative lamp idea
01:11 Raw egg or not?
04:51 Jumping egg


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