All the life hacks we prepared in this video are aimed to help you to spend less time on routine and solve annoying problems. There are a lot of household ideas that will help you to have more free time.
Watch the video and find out how to quickly cook meatballs with spaghetti. Reuse laundry detergent bottles and create handy crafts for the home. For example, you can make DIY sink saddle caddy for kitchen sponges. Moreover, you can make a scoop but don’t forget to clean f bottle before repurposing it. Turn an empty paper towel roll into plastic bags dispenser. Mix toothpaste with dishwashing liquid and baking soda to clean your dirty sneakers. They will look like new again! If your mosquito net is too dirty, we know how to quickly solve this problem. Mix dishwashing liquid and baking soda and use it to clean your window mosquito nets. Clean your razor using hot glue. Yes, it sounds crazy but you will love the results!
We spend a lot of time in our cars and need to know some handy life hacks to ease life. We know a perfect trick if you don’t have parking sensors and your parking skills are not so good. Attach squeaky chickens to your front bumper! Chickens will let you know if you have got too close to the vehicle in front of you. Isn’t it a cool idea? Watch our video and you will find how to open a bottle using a seatbelt. You can use nail polish to remove minor scratches. You can easily polish car headlights using toothpaste.
As a bonus, you will find cool tutorials on how to make a secret stash for your letters, money, and documents.

00:14 How to reuse plastic bottles
01:41 Repurpose laundry detergent bottles
04:05 How to clean sneakers
07:05 Car tips and ideas
11:01 DIY Secret stash


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