The school year is here and you will love the new collection of ideas on how to make your life easier and create cool stationery crafts to amaze your friends. Find out new ideas that you will love:
-You can change the color of your backpack and make it even cooler! All you need is fabric markers
and water. Check out the step by step tutorial
-You can make cool pencils that look like cute grass
-Use polymer clay to turn an ordinary pencil into something awesome
-Find out how to make a no-spill cup for a little artist using a balloon
-We share one more cool idea how to make a secret wax crayon that looks like a pack of
chewing gum
-Do not throw away an old Tic Tac box and make a dispenser for sticky tape
-Check out how to reuse empty lip balm and make a secret flash drive for your secret
-You can create cool pictures using a rainbow marker that you can easily make at home
-Learn an awesome trick on how to change the mark on your worksheet and your teacher won’t
see the difference. You will learn different ways to get good marks
-If you tend to often lose the pen cap, attach yarn to the pen and glue the cap to the other end
-If you need a compass, make it using a pen, pencil and binder clip. Watch the full tutorial in our
-Watch the video till the end to find a cool calligraphy tutorial
-Take a glass and mix one part of milk and one part of water. Dip chalk into it and it will not allow chalk to

00:09 What to do with an old backpack
00:30 How to make a cool pencil
02:25 No-spill cup
04:31 Secret flash driver
07:08 DIY Compass

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