Find a collection of ideas on how to make super-cute miniature crafts for a dollhouse or you can make cute gifts for your friends. Create cute keychains with miniature polymer clay cupcakes, cute corn, donut, ice-cream and more! Besides you can use these crafts to make a whole jewelry collection. My favorite idea is to make a bracelet with cupcakes and donuts. The best thing is that polymer clay crafts are very easy to make and this material is affordable and could be found in every crafts shop. Besides, it’s a cool hobby that you can share with your friends and spend time together with fun.
If you adore plants and want to make something special or even a create fairy tail at home, you will love our ideas on how to create cute mini gardens. You will find how to make different items by your own hands. You can even create a sense of childlike magic creating a small house for Tinker Bell or any character you like. Have fun! We will show you how to use different items you have at home and transform them into small accessories for a miniature garden. For example, you can make a miniature bench from popsicle sticks. Another way to make crystals is to make them from hot glue sticks. Carve hot glue sticks to give them prism shape. Color crystals using a marker and glue them together to create a druse.
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00:09 Polymer clay crafts
00:33 Miniature cupcake
01:08 DIY Bracelet
02:42 Mini garden crafts


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