You will be surprised but there are a lot of ways to use disposable gloves. For example, you can use them for traveling. Check out how to pack beauty products or shampoos for the travel using disposable gloves. Also, we share a perfect way to pack toothpaste to save a lot of space in your suitcase.
Ribbons look so elegant and we share a cool tutorial on how to make beautiful roses. Make several roses and you will have a lovely hair accessory.
If you don’t know how to store your collection of rings, you can make DIY concrete ring cones. You will need an ice-cream cone and concrete. Mix concrete with water as it is written on the package and pour the mixture into the cone. Let the concrete set. Remove the waffle and enjoy it! Moreover, you can use spray paint to change the color of a cone. Stylish bookends will be a perfect addition to your home decor. You will need to cut a star or any other shape from styrofoam. Mix concrete as it is written on the package and dip a star into the concrete. Remove and clean from excess concrete. Dry. Ready!
Paper crafts are amazing! Here are a lot of paper crafts that you can easily make at home. Paper is also good to make inexpensive decorations for your house. Learn how to make beautiful garlands and paper flowers.
As a bonus, find out how to make beautiful crafts from felt. I love the idea of felt flowers that you can use as a brooch or as a hairpin. You can even create a bouquet of felt flowers to decorate your living room.

00:09 Clever travel tips
02:16 Paper crafts
04:01 DIY Felt brooch
05:07 DIY concrete ring cones
07:42 Concrete bookends

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