Recycling is a key to saving this world. By recycling the old things, we consume less. It doesn’t only help to save the mney, but also helps not to produce more waste. Look closer at the things you wanted to throw away – what’s there? I bet there are plastic bottles, old toys and clothes, toilet paper rolls, old pool noodles… Did you know that you can turn all this (seemingly) useless stuff into something really cool and exciting? All you need is a bit of inspiration (and our valuable tips for kids, of course). Let’s start turning trash into treasure!

For example, pool noodles can be a cool decoration for your room. Check out that classy thing that we’ve made.

Another cool idea is definitley handy for this cold winter. You can make your home a brighter place by simply adding a couple of cute cushions. A cushioncan be made out of an old sweater.

A bunch of plastic bottles can be a cool chair – it’s also very comfortable, and what’s also important, it costs you nothing.

Don’t forget to check out our lovely pompom ideas! You can do so many cool things using yarn.

Another adorable idea is making marionettes using toilet paper rolls, threads, and bottle caps.

Watch this video up to the end, and you will see that there are so many cool ideas you can bring to life!


01:24 – Pool noodle idea
03:43 – A tote bag apron
08:05 – Toilet paper roll ideas
11:10 – Photo frames


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